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Useful Links for students applying for graduate studies

Do you really want a PhD?
Before planning to do a PhD, one should answer themselves "Should I get a PhD?" Note some of these articles are positive and some of them are negative. I am not biased to either of these. It really depends upon you. Let me know your opinion/questions. This is an attempt to educate how the life of a PhD student is.
Read the book "A PhD is not Enough". Contact me in case you need any help with the book.

A good collection of PhD overview is at

Overall procedure:

Application Review:


Research Proposals:

Personal Statement:

GRE, GPA Success stats:
Best site among all:
Old but informative:

Recommendation leters/References:

Useful Links for current graduate students

Time Management Skills for PhD's

Best one

Writing Skills

How to Write Your First Research Paper
Contradicting to the above link:


Partition of India: Great Sad Story. Videos are available on request.


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