RT @pmddomingos: The real measure of progress is when you need a new measure of progress. — 9 weeks 7 hours ago
RT @jacobandreas: New paper: "translating" hidden states of multiagent deep policies into English without parallel training data https://t.… — 9 weeks 7 hours ago
RT @ccb: For the first time, ACL will be offering on-site subsidized childcare at the @acl2017 conference. Register soon:… — 9 weeks 12 hours ago
RT @jasonbaldridge: In his 1959 book on dependency grammar, Tesnière provided a fantastic diagram of the sentences of the dedication to his… — 9 weeks 12 hours ago
Scientists are superheroes! #ScienceMarch weeks 2 days ago
New fundamental particle discovered: Morons #ScienceMarch weeks 2 days ago
RT @yoavgo: Here we go. weeks 3 days ago
RT @thosjleeper: Tell an adviser how much they matter to you. Tell a PhD student how proud you are. Tell a colleague that you're there for… — 9 weeks 4 days ago
RT @microth: In April, May schedules new elections for June. Sorry, NER systems. :( — 9 weeks 6 days ago
RT @dipanjand: Our short focused preprint on identifying question paraphrases: weeks 7 hours ago
@jayantkrish yup, a possibility in the very last minute. — 10 weeks 1 day ago
RT @riedelcastro: Excited about 1467 #emnlp2017 submission, a nearly 40% increase from last year! weeks 2 days ago
@jayantkrish Congratulations! Ping me when you are in the area. — 10 weeks 3 days ago
@zehavoc @jasonbaldridge @chrmanning it easily goes off my head at many places. only went through the parts I understand. — 10 weeks 3 days ago
@zehavoc @jasonbaldridge @chrmanning dont' think so. here is an old version of it weeks 3 days ago
@zehavoc @jasonbaldridge @chrmanning For advanced issues on semantic scope, I like some chapters of Steedman 2012.… weeks 3 days ago
@zehavoc @jasonbaldridge @chrmanning I also like Blackburn and Bos which is a friendly introduction to formal seman… weeks 3 days ago
RT @evanmiltenburg: This is what @delliott and I have been working on: a taxonomy of errors in automatic image description, including % est… — 10 weeks 3 days ago
Well done #emnlp2017 with the submission questionnaire. No more reject without reviewing I guess. #NLProc weeks 3 days ago
RT @cainesap: Bear this in mind as you wrap up your #emnlp2017 papers, good luck everyone — 10 weeks 3 days ago
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