We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.

After reading the article on Indian Institute of Idiots by Chetan Bhagat, I would like to fuel up the protest on reforming the current Indian education system. I think the education path of many Indians is misled at the foundation level itself. Parents, Teachers, Politicians and Society almost everyone has a part in ruining the education system. Many of you may be against this, but considering a larger section of the Indian community I think this is true. These are my views on schooling system.

At schooling (even at elementary) itself, parents are very much interested in the class position of their child. They insist on getting more and more marks and good rank rather than allow him to take a little break enjoying and telling him the stories about how to appreciate the content in their books. Children are not told the purpose of schooling. Schooling just means a level before going to a best college and a path to earn enough money and fame. Not surprisingly, they do not encourage the child to take a different paths like a career in sports, politics or just interest on only one subjects like Mathematics or Science.

Coming to the teachers, they play the major role in influencing the child. For many teachers (may be 80 %), teaching means lecturing the stuff in textbooks, grading the students and make their students get good marks. It more of spoon feeding rather than igniting the thinking process in the child. Children are not trained on how to question or challenge the current existing theory. How is our nation going to produce scientists like Newton, Curie, Ramanujam or Edison. Interestingly Ramanujam failed in non-mathematics subjects and Edison skipped schooling, though they were successful. In Indian schooling, theory in textbooks is taken for granted and is not encouraged to challenge it. Challengers are considered to be arrogant, rude. Its disappointing to see some teachers who insist students to write exactly as it is in the book and penalize the students otherwise. Schooling to students mean mugging up content, writing exams (with fear), getting good marks and making everyone happy.

Politicians, ahh they are afraid to make periodical changes in education system, very lazy to encourage content changes in text books. They are more interested in divding human race into groups rather than doing something good for human race. Unfortunately, sometimes uneducated dumb people are elected as Education ministers.

Even society is much interested in marks and grades of the student and evaluate him based on that.

Finally all these factors make the student forget his goal of education, make him a coward who is afraid to challenge. But I see some good signs in current generations where children are given more freedom. Yet there is a long way to go.

The bright future of India lies in its children and its education system. I wish we all work on it.


Interesting video on current education system

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